Tunisia Desert Challenge 2021: News Update

Tunisia Desert Challenge 2021

With 165 vehicles registered, the first edition of the Tunisia Desert Challenge is already a success. No less than 340 pilots, co-pilots and mechanics of 19 different nationalities are eager to battle each other and the Tunisian desert between 5 and 13 November 2021.

“All beginnings are difficult and certainly in times of corona. Fortunately, we can continue to build on a solid reputation of the past 13 years. As a result we have gathered a nice group of people and friends for our first edition. Of the 165 vehicles registered, 120 are driving the 8 stages and 45 are service vehicles. Today we already have 32 bikes and quads registered, 41 cars, 35 side-by-sides, 6 trucks in the race and 7 cars in the raid category. So a tough competition is assured” says organiser Gert Duson.


Comfort and safety are important to us. That is why we are proud to announce that we have just chartered a plane to bring a large part of the participants via Eindhoven to Tunisia, and back. In this way, all participants can travel to the first edition of the TDC without worries and in complete safety.

Those who still want to come along, and who can react quickly, can enjoy all the advantages of this private charter flight:

  1. Start and arrival at a pleasant airport (Eindhoven)
  2. Direct flight of 3 hours (no stops),
  3. Only passengers from the “rally bubble”
  4. Comfortable flight hours, so no need to get out of bed at 3AM,
  5. Possibility to change names (in your team) until 10 days before departure
  6. Corona guarantee: money back in case of, for example, a cancellation of the rally by the Tunisian government (but again: we already have the permission in our pocket).

More info: mail to gert@morocco-desert-challenge.com


If you still want to join the pioneer edition of the TDC, you’d better hurry. On September 14th at midnight, the second price rate expires and registrations become a bit more expensive. The ferry, hotels and plane tickets also need to be completed shortly. Moreover, the organization is difficult to reach for almost two weeks at the beginning of October, because we have just received permission to organize our annual mountain bike marathon Roc du Maroc (www.rocdumaroc.com) with 300 cyclists.

So, if you still want to join the TDC? Then quickly go to https://www.tunisia-desert-challenge.com/en/competitors/register or

Register here


For those who missed it last time, here is once more the route of the TDC2021. Not a week of driving around the same bivouac as some other organizers do, but a long distance rally-raid, showing a large part of amazing Tunisia.

It will be a phenomenal and challenging race with dunes, sand and gravel, very different from the stony stages in Morocco. The scrutineering and prologue will start on the island of Djerba on 5th November. After that, the rally caravan will travel through southern Tunisia and settle its rally bivouacs in Ksar Ghilane, Douz and the Star Wars site at Nefta, before turning north and arriving in Monastir.

Stage 1: Prologue: Djerba – Djerba: 105km
Stage 2: Djerba – Ksar Ghilane: 417km
Stage 3: Ksar Ghilane – Ksar Ghilane: 230km
Stage 4: Ksar Ghilane – Ksar Ghilane: 287km
Stage 5: Ksar Ghilane – Douz: 255km
Stage 6: Douz – Star Wars: 380km
Stage 7: Star Wars – Star Wars: 262km
Stage 8: Star Wars – Monastir: 137km special, 358km liaison

Hope to see you all in Tunisia in November. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me directly.


Gert Duson
Organiser Tunisia Desert Challenge