Veterans Outshine Young Guns at Lake Elsinore

Round 6 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series made its way back to the high flying track of Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park in Lake Elsinore California. Despite the hot temperatures, thousands of fans were on hand to witness some of the most extreme off road racing action at one of the most exciting tracks on the circuit.

Although the classes are called Pro 4 Unlimited and Pro 2 Unlimited, what they should really be called is “The Carl and Rob show”, referring to Carl Renezeder and Rob MacCachren. These two veterans put on one hell of a show for the fans, not just in Round 6 but in Round 5 as well. You could try and come up with a number of how many times these two cagy vets swapped positions, but I guarantee you that you wouldn’t be able to come up with a solid number.

Starting on the front row and kicking off Round 6 racing action was none other than the veterans Carl Renezeder and Rob MacCachren. It was an absolute clinic between these two as they clicked off lap after lap of head to head racing. After 16 laps of the Carl and Rob show, Carl Renezeder would find himself at the top of the box and taking home another win for the weekend. Rob MacCachren would wind up in the second place position and none other than Greg Adler would keep clear of all the carnage and claim himself a third place podium for Round 6.

Pressing forward to the Pro Lite main event, some of the youngest most talented drivers in the series would start up at the front of the pack. The 2012 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing champion Rj Anderson would line himself up along side “The Prodigy” Sheldon Creed and just in front of the ever so dangerous Ryan Beat. Beat finished second in points in the 2012 LOORRS season and without a doubt RJ Anderson knew he would have his work cut out for him between Creed and Beat.

Rj Anderson would lead the first three laps of the main event until Sheldon Creed took a trick out of Brian Deegan’s book and pulled the good ‘ol “Inside out” move on Anderson. As luck would have it, a full course yellow flag would make its way to the flag stand and because Creed hadn’t made a complete lap since taking over the lead he was forced to give up the number one spot to Anderson under caution.

Fearful of getting a black flag, “The Prodigy” Sheldon Creed would push as hard as he absolutely could but unfortunately would come up just shy when it was all said and done. Rj Anderson would claim yet another race win followed by Sheldon Creed and Bradley Morris.

Back to the Carl and Rob show for Pro 2 racing action! The stage was set and the field was stacked. Rob MacCachren would start along side of Carl Renezeder right in front of Marty Hart and Todd LeDuc.

When the green flag was waived the pedal went to the floor and by the end of the first lap Rob MacCachren had already taken command of the field. After Mike Porter ran into a k-rail and caught fire that caused a full course red flag, it was nearly a flagless Pro 2 main event with MacCachren absolutely checked out.

Coming upon lap 14, Rob MacCachren led; Carl Renezeder, Kyle LeDuc, Robby Woods and Greg Adler at the front of the field. Seeming as if that’s exactly how they would finish the 16 lap main event, the infamous yellow flag would come out in order to let safety crews pull Austin Kimbrell off the track with a blown transmission. The field was once again bunched up and because of the full course caution the rules would call for a complete green-white-checkered restart.

As if a green-white-checkered restart wasn’t exciting enough, Robby Woods was looking to make is way to the front of the pack and redeem himself of his black flag that he was given in Round 5. Sure enough, Robby Woods would go for broke and blast his way into podium contention.

Rob MacCachren would go on to finish in first place followed fellow veteran Carl Renezeder and the kid from Pahrump; Robby Woods.

Veteran racers remain at the top of the stack when it comes to the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, and one thing that is undeniable is the fact that Rob MacCachren is not human. Some of the things he is able to pull off in one single weekend is beyond anybody’s imagination… never underestimate a veteran racer.