Video – Love, Struggle & Bad Acting

Take a mental break from Covid-19

A story of love, struggle & bad acting

With the world in an even increasing state of lock down and all attention on the spread of Covid-19. We are being consumed with what to do, where to avoid, how to care for our kids with schools closed and on and on. While still trying to earn money, make sales, pay bills and stock pile toilet paper should the world collapse into a barter system.
In these somber times it’s important to take a mental break from the noise every so often. Sit down, forgot the state of affairs and enjoy a simple video. It may not be a vaccine, but we hope this short story of how my bud met his girlfriend brings you a little relief. 


Here’s a Quick tip that could prevent a vehicle fire. A simple solution we wish we had known about back in 2012 when we caught our new TT on fire, causing thousands in damage.