Vildosola Dominates Baja Once Again

Mexican National Tavo and Gustavo Vildosola Sr. make history once again becoming the first-ever Mexican national team to have ever won the Baja 1000 for the second time.

After wide speculation of Trophy Truck #21 and its newly engineered chassis, Vildosola brought a 39 inch BFG tire and a 20 inch Method Race Wheel to the Baja 1000 to prove to the masses that “Size does matter”.

Although Vildosola had a couple hiccups along the way, the battle with BJ Baldwin couldn’t have been any more exciting. The duo was out front the entire race and absolutely checked out from the rest of the field by nearly 20 miles at times. Baldwin was relentless in his attack for the lead but his solo effort was no match for the Mexican national Trophy Truck 21.

Vildosola last won the Baja 1000 in 2010 on the last Peninsula run from Ensenada Mexico to La Paz.

Words by: Adam “Gunnslinger” Gunn

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    El Calitoy
  • November 19, 2012
Viva mexico
Cachanilla 100%
The new TT of Tavo is no joke they came with
A well preper team and macine
  • T
    Tim Marton
  • November 21, 2012
Till the new video lol
Thats so cool go Tavo what a truck.
  • J
    john t
  • November 23, 2012
Cheating SOB
  • B
  • November 24, 2012
The mechanic was trying to flip the bumper light upright. Which probably got damaged when the hood was lost. Anyways, He wasnt successful. Tavo, finished the race with only the visor lightbar functioning. Which means if this incident on the highway would have never happened, he would have still won. He didn't win because of the lightbar, he won because he's a badd MuthaFoo that went from 28th to 5th place in the first 150 miles!
John T suck it up you are a SOB. You will see Tavo will kick ass again. Vildosola racing is the fastest in the desert. Others just need to catch up.
    • D
    • November 25, 2012
    Ozzy have you seen any of the videos? + stop frames? what we need to do is push for sal to relece the tracking info to see if not only did he pull this stunt but also cut course?
    i can not tell you how mad i am at team i look up too for doing this lame **** that WAS NOT nessary for a win!
the onl reason he can win those races is because helicopters from score don't fly at night,so they aren't able to follow his cheating moves. every other race in the book in a loss to that prick!!!
    Yeah Marco just ask all the TTs that he blew past. Wanker. Go Gus and Tavo your run was awesome bit of shame about the cry babys.
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    Don Schulz
  • November 27, 2012
Its pretty clear they serviced the truck while it was moving - which is a violation of the rules. RG did donuts at the end of the 500 and was DQ'd for endangering fans (no one was hit or injured)- Tavo ran thru a camp site and mowed down a EZ UP (on video) - no penalty. Which one endangered fans more?

I dont want to see the outcome of the race change any more than the next guy. However, what is clear is SCORE is very subjective on how they apply the rules and to who. This is not the first time.

That's why more and more racers are leaving SCORE and racing in other series like Best In the Desert, HDRA, SNORE, etc... When SCORE is down to 1 race (or none), then maybe they will realize that they should have created more of an even playing field and enforced/applied the rules evenly...
  • C
  • November 27, 2012
Equality and safety can't be compromised, no matter what, or you loose trust and confidence of those who are participating. Those dynamics are applicable in running any business or organization. Unfortunately, favoritism, nepotism, greed, stardom, and power has its way of screwing things up when in the wrong hands. The actions and decisions of the Vildosola team coupled with SCORE's inaction to regulate, control, and enforce clearly written and violated rules should be very revealing and defining as to the caliber and class of people they truly are. I would imagine most of the racers who are honest and integral will run out of patience and tolerance for behavior like this and take all their money and passion for racing elsewhere.... If they haven't already. The saddest part is that most people I've talked to are NOT surprised!! They just say, " that's Mexico" or some remark to that context. With corruption and all the economic and political struggles Mexico has had and the compounding crippling effect in detouring tourists to go vacation and travel elsewhere, you'd think SCORE would try to eradicate and eliminate any worry and concern of those same corrupt tendencies and philosophies existing in their organization. But it looks as though the fear of the alternative is greater. They'd rather do nothing and "turn the other cheek" and not have to face a "Mexican mob" at next years race. Just remember, perception IS reallity for most people.... I'm sure SCORE is choosing the lesser of 2 evils in their book... We'll see how that goes for them. Your legacy is left by your actions and doings, period...
    Yeah seems to me there is a lot of people that maybe shouldnt race in baja and if they do again they need to have a real good look into the event and the location.All the cry babies please stay home next time.
  • J
    JR Ramirez
  • November 27, 2012
Excellent point Don!
  • A
  • December 3, 2012
don, overall this promoter has done a good job and has also been very lucky as have been the people of baja (more people got plowed in one incident on our side of the border).. if people like tabo and his dad were nerds and sat home reading rule books they never would have let a truck roll in front of them and touch them...if you have ever been lucky enough to have your team help you in any way, mostly out of pride and adrenaline for seeing you do good in such a challange as baja, you will understand how this happens and as logic tells you,it made no difference anyway, but we all carry a camera in our pocket now and with one little snitch ruin some of(i say some because we all know who won)an amazing individulas efforts..i was down there weeks prior to all this and saw how this hard work comes to be, a lonely truck out there in mexico doing its homework..its sad how that little thing we all carry in our pockets now can change things and make someone look bad, when nothing bad was really done....pavement, gps's, and snitching....truth is they dont belong in baja, just like men with no pants