Vildosola Racing Leads after Day #1

Vildosola Racing Leads after Day #1
After the first day of competition, the Vildosola/Red Bull/BFGoodrich #4 takes the lead

Laughlin Nevada, Jan 24 2009 for immediate release
After one day of intense battle, Mexicali Driver Tavo Vildosola, leads the race in the inaugural event of the 2009 season, the Laughlin Desert Challenge. Vildosola’s Ford F-150 sporting the legendary #4 started the race on the fourth row, with Roger Norman on his side.

During the drag race at the start, Norman was fighting with Tavo all the way down the first left hand side turn, later on during the race the red & white Trophy truck #4 edged Norman and never looked back. The race strategy was an important part of the event, after some changes and a good qualifying position, a good result was expected for the first day of competition.

Lap after lap, Tavo was gaining time, good laps around 7 minutes gave Tavo a good cushion from his competition, in the front of the pack, racers started to develop some issues and Tavo’s pace was steady and fast. Around lap 6 of 8, the Vildosola Racing Red Bull/Ford F-150 was at mere seconds of the lead time imposed by Robby Gordon, Tavo knowing we still have one more day to compete, pushed only enough to keep the pace of the Nascar superstar.

“We know at the end of Lap 7 we have the lead of the race, that gave me the confidence to continue running at the same pace we did at the start of the race, the track was awesome, some rough spots here and there to worry about. Our mission was to finish and tomorrow we start from zero again and we hope we can keep going and carry this all season long” Tavo stated.


Now the team is working to check the truck, inch by inch, side by side, preparing for every possible scenario for tomorrows race, we have a lot work to do, this race is only half way finished.

Vildosola Racing would like to thank their sponsors for their continuous support: Mexicana Logistics, Red Bull, Águilas Del Desierto, BFGoodrich Tires, Mastercraft, PIAA Lights, MSD Ignitions, Papas & Beer, Chase Cams, OGIO, MOMO Italy & NTR Films.

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