Vildosola Racing qualifies for the 2014 TECATE-SCORE Baja 1000 –

Vildosola Racing qualifies for the 2014 TECATE-SCORE Baja 1000


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Yesterday, Vildosola Racing participated in the qualifying round for this years’ edition of the TECATE-SCORE Baja 1000 that took place in Las Vegas NV, during the SEMA Show.

With a time of 4:06.420, Tavo and Javi qualified for 5th starting position, but due to a penalty for taking down a cone in the track, Trophy Truck #21 took a 5 second penalty and lost 4 positions, leaving them starting 9th for the race this Thursday November 13th.

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In the other hand, on board Steven Eugenio’s TT #7 and with a time of 4:14.196, Gustavo Vildósola qualified for 13th starting position. Gus along with Fidel Galindo, TJ Flores and Adam Pfancook will race to the finish line to La Paz in this years’ Baja 1000.

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Vildosola Racing is one step away of yet again going down in history, this time seeking the 2014 SCORE International Championship that would make them the first mexican team in history to achieve this feat.

Throughout history, Gustavo and Tavo Vildósola and Javier Valenzuela, along with the experienced crew at Vildosola Racing, have demonstrated that the Península Run is their thing, having won first place in two consecutive editions, in 2010 and 2012.

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The team continues their preparation for the race, which is around the corner. In a matter of days we’ll see who gets to carry the coveted number 1 for next year’s season.

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