Vildosola takes the lead at the Race Ready 275, 2009


This weekend on Saturday December 5th the Mexicali to San Felipe Race Ready 275 by CODE took place. There were 187 vehicles on the entry list, with Vildosola as a last minute addition. After the Baja 1000, once prepping the trophy truck, they planned to try out a new transmission under driver and decided that testing it in a local race would be a great opportunity, especially with it being in their home town of Mexicali. Gus and Tavo were excited to give their fans one more showing of the trophy truck this year.

Vildosola started out in the 10th position with Tavo behind the wheel and Javi Valenzuela as his codriver. The ambience was very dusty with no wind, which made for poor visibility. Trophy truck #4 ran smoothly until about race mile 12 where they experienced a right rear flat. This happened in the Laguna Salada where the dirt is very loose, making it twice the hassle to change the tire. This mishap lost the team 8 minutes of running time, but they were back on track and quickly passing other competitors.

At race mile 120, Tavo passed the driver seat to his father Gus, and at that point they were 1:30 minutes physically behind Roger Norman, but 1:30 minutes ahead in corrected time. Gus kept a good, constant pace, and eventually passed Norman when he made a driver change pit with Canchola. The trophy ran the rest of the course with no problems and finished with a first over all and first in class, arriving at the finish line at about 12:30pm with a total running time of 3:39:42. They had a 4 minute physical lead and 7 minute lead on corrected time to the Canchola/Norman team.

Vildosola Racing would like to thank all of their sponsors: Mexicana Logistics, Red Bull, Mastercraft, Eibach Springs, California Metals, PIAA, MSD, BF Goodrich, Aguilas del Desierto, Papas and Beer, Ogio, Chase cam and My Baja Photo.