Watch Destination: Dirt to see the Red Bull Off-Road Junior Team tackle the Dakar Rally

Watch Destination: Dirt to see the Red Bull Off-Road Junior Team tackle the Dakar Rally

Watch Mitch Guthrie Jr., Blade Hildebrand and Seth Quintero racing for the Red Bull Off-Road Junior Team in Destination: Dirt © Chris Tedesco/Red Bull Content Pool

April 3, 2020

Follow the Red Bull Off-Road Junior Team off the beaten track in the newest episode of Destination: Dirt. Mitch Guthrie Jr., Blade Hildebrand and Seth Quintero are aiming for success at the 2020 Dakar Rally, but drama is never far away at motorsport’s toughest test of endurance.

Having got to grips with the OT3 by Overdrive in episode one of Destination: Dirt, this latest episode sees the trio of young drivers taking a trip to the Pyrenees Mountains for a training session with rally-raid legend Cyril Despres. The five-time Dakar winner schools Mitch, Blade and Seth on what to expect at the world’s roughest rally.

“We’ve got Cyril’s 20 years of experience behind us and he’s telling us everything he knows. He really just wants to help us out and guide us along the way.” – Mitch Guthrie Jr.

Cyril’s involvement with the Red Bull Off-Road Junior Team is as a mentor figure to the three youthful American drivers. As with the Red Bull Junior Team in open wheel racing that brought through Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen among others to Formula 1, the mentor scheme is a cornerstone of the Red Bull Off-Road Junior Team, allowing the next generation of racers to learn from those who have been there and done it.

The cruel realities of the Dakar end up biting for Seth in episode two of Destination: Dirt before the rally has even begun. As Seth is only 17 and too young to compete, he has to settle for providing moral support for his two team-mates before being called back to the United States to compete in the Parker 250 desert race.

For Mitch and Blade however, they’re both ready to jump into the deep end as the Dakar Rally makes its debut in Saudi Arabia. Watch episode two on Red Bull TV in the player above to get the full story.

“For me, Seth and Mitch, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’m doing everything I can to make the most of it.” – Blade Hildebrand

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