All eyes on KING of THE MOTO’S Live Streaming Coverage this Sunday Morning  on ultra4.com

Graham Jarvis just flew into town to retain his crown

This is ‘Merica’s first ever live broadcast of an extreme enduro from 5 remote locations across 80 an mile loop of the most extreme enduro course in US history. Its being called “an motorcycle survival race by co-director Jimmy Lewis.

Listen to Jimmy explain the spectator opportunity –

Watch live from the start when the green flag drops at 8:00. Start your Super Bowl Sunday off proper. Come correct as ver 50 riders take the green flag at the bottom of a viscous rocky hill climb to see if they can finish the cruel and unusual punishment Lewis lays out for them. Most won’t finish.

3 ways to watch:

1)   Come out to Hammer Town in Johnson Valley and see all the action in person on the live JUMBO-TRON amongst a vast array of vendors and off road 4×4 attractions.

2)   Bring all your bikes quads and toys and get a spectator map; you and your crew can hit multiple spectator points. To see the drama unfold in the gnarliest rock canyons imaginable.

3)   If you can make it out you can watch live stream online 


See the entry list here- KING OF THE MOTOS ENTRY LIST

It’s only our 2nd year of having an truly extreme enduro in the US (there was a race called Last Man Standing but is faded). Its essentially a brand new event, tougher than anything and streaming LIVE on the Internet. King of the Motos is fresh and unique structure in which riders will use GPS to confront a grueling 80 mile loop filled with off-trail mountain descents, rocky canyon hill climbs and any other natural hazard course designer Jimmy Lewis could through in its way. In between the gnarly, technical stuff, riders will race across the desert to the next hard spot. The Pros will do 2 loops. Experts and 2-man teams will try to complete 1 loop.

The course and race itself are designed to be part of the week-long “King of the Hammers” event, the world’s premier “rock crawling” competition taking place in the Johnson Valley OHV Area 80 miles. It’s the burning man of off road and the event is part of the campaign to save Johnson Valley OHV Area.

Last year at the inaugural KOM, the “rocky hill climb start” was unlike anything any most of the riders had ever seen, an innovation in and of itself.

A new innovation for 2013 is the “Team” class in which 2 riders each ride their own bikes but must stay together and ride as a team, helping each other through obstacles, mechanical issues or fatigue. Both riders on the team must cross through all checkpoints together and, of course at the finish line.

 Amputee racer Chris Ridgeway hucks his HONDA up the rocky hill climb

GPS is allowed and the entire course route will be released at sign ups the day before the race.

Graham Jarvis is the favorite to win the event and no one on the roaster as of press time is much of a threat. He’s back in town to retain the crown and he’s riding a brand spankin new Husaberg TE350 2-stroke.

The question then becomes: “Who’s the favorite for 1st runner up? A handful of names have been thrown around as potential. Cody Webb, the national trials champion and endurocross specialist got 5th last year and is in top shape to vie for remaining podium slots. Destry Abbott got 3rd last time and can get on the box. Max Gerston and Taylor Robert can be expected to do well.

Like last year, this race is going to kick a lot of riders’ butts to the point where they have to stop riding. It is a marathon that most riders will not finish.

Join the action live online SUPER BOWL SUNDAY morning at 8:00AM the live stream will be going on during the entire race.

Click here for live streaming on SUNDAY starting at 8 http://ultra4racing.com/




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  • February 1, 2013
Next year. !!!
What's the point Jimmy, Anyone can lay out an unrideable course. Why not work out a challenge for all disciplines so all finish at about the same time. Now that is a real race / competition. Just my 3 bucks. Fast guys in the rocks may not be fast in open Dez or whoops. Slow rock climbers can make up in the dez. But dropping out at the first rock climb won't attract many old bad asses with entry cash. Just saying