Watch The Dezert People 10 Trailer & Pre-Order Now!

Team Ford Las Vegas & JD Films bring you the tenth release in the Dezert People Video Series. Over the last two years we filmed over 30 events in Baja, California, Nevada and Texas to bring intense desert racing action to your screen!

Dezert People 10 is brought to you by – Team Ford Las VegasPoly PerformanceOff Road ActionFOXPCI Race RadiosAxial RacingRicher RacingRace-dezert.comVision XBaja JunkiesSDHQGrizzly Coolers4130 ClothingMethod Race WheelsBink Designs and HighRev Photography.

Order the DVD and Blu-Ray in the RDC online store.  DP10 will be released starting at the Off Road Expo October 5th.

Check here on RDC and the Dezert People site over the next few weeks for updates on the DP10 premiere tour.

DP10 premiere info as of October 2nd, check back for updates.  Click links for full details on each premiere.

  • October 5-6th Dirt Theater at Off Road Expo.
  • October 8th, Moviemax theater in Carlsbad, CA.
  • October 15th, Studio Movie Grill, Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ.
  • October 18th, BNS Brewing & Distilling, Santee, CA.
  • October 18th, Clubhouse 56 in Sacramento, CA.
  • October 18th, Coach’s Sports Bar & Grill. Starts at 7pm. DVDs will be on sale.
  • October 19th, Octoberfest in Imperial Valley, CA. 4pm-8pm. Car show including off road vehicles on display. We will have DVDs, Blu-Ray and shirts for sale.
  • October 25th, Fun Factory in Yuma AZ. There will be a car show and DP10 premiere with DVDs for sale.
  • October 25th, SamCo Fabrication, 7pm. Same weekend as the VORRA short course race near there at the LOORRS track.
  • October 26th, Viola’s Tavern, Las Vegas, NV. 4pm – 8pm with one or two showings. DVDs, Blu-Ray’s & shirts for sale, discount on food and drinks with video purchase. Raffle for Fast-Aid.
  • October 26th, Hotrods Old Vail Restaurant & Garage, Tucson, AZ. 3pm. DVDs will be on sale.
  • October 26th, Texas Raptor Run. DVDs will be on sale.
  • October 26th, San Luis Obispo, CA. The Palm Theatre. Show times 7pm. DVDs will be on sale. Hosted by DP10 sponsor www.polyperformance.com
  • October TBA, Legacy Brewing Co. Oceanside, CA. More details soon.
  • November 1st, Mesa Theater, Grand Junction, CO.  Showtime 7pm.  DVDs will be on sale.
  • Keep checking back for more locations and details.

Dezert People 10 is brought to you by - Team Ford Las Vegas, Poly Performance, Off Road Action, FOX, PCI Race Radios, Axial Racing, Richer Racing, Race-dezert.com, Vision X, Baja Junkies, SDHQ, Grizzly Coolers, 4130 Clothing, Method Race Wheels, Bink Designs and HighRev Photography.

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  • September 18, 2013
hopefully you guys throw down a vegas premiere party!! good times!!
    Raymond, I am working on premiere locations and Las Vegas will probably be one of them. Keep checking back for updates in the forum and the www.dezertpeople.com site will always have the latest info as I have it.
    Las Vegas has been scheduled for Saturday October 26th from 4-8pm at Viola's Tavern. See a list of premieres at www.dezertpeople.com that will be updated constantly.
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  • September 18, 2013
Hopefully a Vegas premier goes down!!! good times !!

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