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Wayne Lugo’s Mark Newhan Built Trophy Truck

Wayne Lugo, businessman, father, husband, and race car driver. His day starts before the sun comes up and lasts till it goes down. Wayne started Robinson Calf Ranch 29 years ago and is still loving it. Day in and day out he has thousands of cattle, hundreds of employees, and ten kids relying on him, it comes as no shock that he has a hobby!

Between all of the sports activities and livestock shows it’s hard to find time to hit the dessert, however that hasn’t stopped his need for speed. As fun as racing around a ranch in an F350 is, the horse power and well overall handling doesn’t come close to his Trophy Truck. Wayne has raced for over 15 years, but this new truck Designed by Mark Newhan, is much more than a trophy truck. For the first time he will be racing with his son Kolbe Lugo. The adrenaline, desert, dirt, horsepower, and speed are all incredible and racing is nothing short of amazing, yet it’s much more than that to Wayne. It’s the people that really make it worth while. From his son being his co-rider to his pit crew and family cheering him on, there isn’t anything like it. Wayne along with Kolbe, family, and pit crew will be rocking their bad ass ride in the desert before long.

Alabama Hills Photos by Robert J Morales Photography


Chassis: #marknewhanbuilt

Weight: 5,500 lbs

Wheelbase: 125″

Engine: 454 SBF Total Performance Racing engines, 750HP.

Cooling: CBR custom radiator

Exhaust: Bob Butler

Plumbing: Brown and Miller

Transmission: Culhane Turbo 400, Reid case, close ratio

Driveline: Dynotech

Brakes: Brembo

Fuel Cell: 80 Gallon Harmon

Tires: 40” BFG

Wheels: KMC Wheels – XD228 Machete Beadlock

Body: Custom

Front Suspension: Mark Newhan Built A-Arms

Rear Suspension: Dirt-Tech trailing arms / Mark Newhan

Rear Housing: Dirt-Tech

Shocks: King, 4.5 bypass rear, 3.0 internal bypass coil overs F&R, 4.0 bypass front.

Suspension Tuning: King Shocks

Steering: Howe

Paneling & Skid Plates: Mark Newhan

Electronics: Motec

Wiring: Wirefab

Lights: Baja Designs

Communication: Rugged Radios

Seats: Sparco

Safety: Mastercraft