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Koenig Racing – We Still Got It

Koenig Racing Motion Tire Ridgecrest PR

We Still Got It

After taking a season off from racing, Team Koenig came back strong by winning their first race of the year, the Motion Tire 300 in Ridgecrest, California. The drive from Sacramento to the course was tedious. It took the team 8 hours to arrive, too late for prerunning. With no prerun, Mike Koenig took the first race lap to warm up and just get a feel for the course. Even at a cautious pace, he was only 2 minutes behind the class leader.

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Then at mile 22 with dust from slower vehicles billowing in front of him, the truck suddenly fell to an idle with no throttle response. The main power disconnect switch had been bumped off causing the computer to go into limp mode. Easy fix. Now entering lap 2, they turned it on. The course was already showing the impact of over 120 racers. The holes were getting deeper, the impacts more violent. But our Total Chaos suspension held up with amazing rebounds through miles of whoops and washouts. Team Koenig was now neck and neck with the leader. In Lap 3, Team Koenig took the lead. The carnage from other race teams was every where. With over 2 laps to go, half the racers were rollovers, crashes or just plain out.

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Our truck was holding up well under big time abuse. In the fifth and final lap, Team Koenig found themselves a lap and a half ahead of the next racer in our class. The awesome build of the Toyota proved tougher than a brutal course that would ultimately cause the majority of the racers to DNF. Team Koenig was able to run the last lap at an easy “bring it home” pace. Mike and company cruised across the finish line to take first place in class. Koenig commented that of all the races he’s run over the years, Ridgecrest was one of the roughest. While Mike himself was beat up and sore, the Team Koenig Toyota Tacoma needed just a bath to be ready for the next race.

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A special thanks to Total Chaos for building the suspension that was key to winning this race and Currie enterprises for the new rear end. No way the truck could have taken that type of abuse without this kind of top quality equipment.

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