Welcome To Morrisville – LOORRS Round 10

Round 10 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series was bound to be one to remember. With the young Bradley Morris on a hot streak and the absence of Carl Renezeder on the podium it was bound to make a lot of people hungry for a win at Glen Helen Raceway.

The stage was set and the drama instantly filled the air. The #99 Pro 4 of Kyle LeDuc and the screaming fast Toyota of Eric Barron sat at the front of the field, they utilized that moment to show each other a little tough love of their own. When the green flag dropped LeDuc and Barron were off to the races with no letting up in sight. Lap 1 would take Carl Renezeder as a casualty and later take Eric Barron for a ride in turn 5. Barron was able to keep his focus after his incident on lap one and continue the hunt for last years champ and arch rival; Kyle LeDuc. LeDuc had a large lead before Barron knew it and it seemed as though there wasn’t anybody that could even come close to Kyle LeDuc. Barron would end up pulling the trigger a little too soon, causing his Toyota to fight back and eject an entire front wheel just after the front stretch. This mistake would place teammates Todd LeDuc Rob MacCachren in the second and third place position and within podium contention. With just two laps to go, Todd LeDuc would get into the side of Rob MacCachren and cause LeDuc to have troubles of his own. Adding insult to injury, Todd LeDuc would find himself sitting in a cockpit filled with flames. Thankfully for LeDuc he was able to extinguish those flames and continue his trek for a podium.


Although Todd LeDuc was unsuccessful of securing a podium at Glen Helen Raceway, brother Kyle LeDuc was able to lead every lap of Round 10 wire to wire. While running in the second place position, winner from Round 9 Greg Adler smacked an outside k-rail stopping him dead in his tracks and opening the door wide open for Rob MacCachren and Brandon Bailey. With one lap remaining, the unthinkable happened; Rob MacCachren made a mistake! It’s not something that we talk about much but it does happen from time to time with Rob MacCachren. It looked as though MacCachren would over-rotate in turn 4 and if Rob MacCachren makes a mistake, you capitalize. Capitalize is exactly what Brandon Bailey did. Bailey swerved around the wounded MacCachren to finish in the second place position leaving MacCachren no choice but to go home with third place.

Upon arrival at the podium, Brandon Bailey soon found out that he would be stripped of his second place finish and would get a black flag on the last lap for getting into MacCachren before the end of the race. MacCachren would move into second and Ryan Beat would slide his way into third.

As if the Pro 4 race wasn’t exciting enough, the Pro Lite field took the track and ready to do war.

Leading the pack of Pro Lites to the green flag was none other than the Round 9 winner, Bradley Morris. Morris has seemed rather unstoppable here at Glen Helen the past two years and judging by the lap times its clear as to why he is so untouchable.

Bradley Morris, RJ Anderson and Sheldon Creed lined up two by two at the front of the field with high hopes for the top spot. When the green flag dropped it was an all out sprint for the young guns of the pro lite division. Just 4 laps into the main event, Sheldon Creed would find himself upside down in turn two but thankfully no major damage was done and he was able to return to racing action. While Creed was on his side in turn two, privateer Jimmy Fishback went for a ride of his own after exiting turn one. Fishback would go end over end and bring out a full course red flag while emergency crew worked to get Fishback extracted from his Pro Lite.


When racing action resumed it wasn’t long before Creed would find himself back in the same position where he was just three laps prior; upside down. Creed would retire from the race after this tangle with turn 4 and leave him to watch the rest of the race from the sidelines. Morris continued to run away with the race after racing resumed followed by Casey Currie and Brian Deegan who where in a battle of their own behind Morris. Currie and Deegan battled back and forth for the majority of the race with a relentless pace that few could even come close to. Casey Currie would make a pass stick in turn three and never look back.


When the checkered flag waived, Bradley Morris had absolutely dominated the entire 20 truck field while Casey Currie would finish in a respectable second place position followed by “The General” himself, Brian Deegan.

The Pro 2 Unlimited’s took the track for the second time this weekend although a bit behind schedule, it was clear that this is what everybody came to see. Brian Deegan and Carl Renezeder would follow the pole sitter Marty Hart to the green flag for the start of Round 10. Although seemingly uneventful on paper, the Pro 2 race in Round 10 was some of the best that a lot of people have ever seen before. The entire Pro 2 race went off without one single caution lap or yellow flag thrown. It was something that we weren’t totally used to but it ended up being an amazing display of pure raw driving talent accompanied by a ton of respect shown to fellow racers.


Marty Hart would go unchallenged and win Round 10 leading the entire field wire to wire. Although he pushed hard, Brian Deegan was unable to catch Hart at any point in time and was left to settle for a second place finish. Rounding off the podium was the self-made blue-collar kid out of Pahrump Nevada; Robby Woods. If there was ever an award for the hardest charger of the race, that would without a doubt go to Robby Woods and his incredible display of heart that went into Round 10.

Racing under the lights at Glen Helen is one stop on the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series circuit that you don’t want to miss. Rounds 9&10 made it very clear who was here looking for a win and who was here looking for a championship, either way Bradley Morris didn’t care, he came to Glen Helen looking to continue his winning streak at Glen Helen Raceway.

The next stop for the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series is in Reno Nevada at the high flying Wild West Motorsports Park on August 23rd-25th, with the points shaken up once again, its bound to be a good ol fashion shoot out in Reno.