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Wilson Motorsports Dominates the Limited Classes at the 2013 Mint 400

Ronnie Wilson dominates the limited classes at the 2013 General Tire Mint 400

The General Tire Mint 400 is broken up into two different race categories; limited and unlimited. The limited class racers took the green flag in the dark morning hours (6am) early Saturday morning and battled the rising sun in a three-lap showdown.

Class 1100 was first to leave the starting line just off of Las Vegas Blvd in Jean Nevada. Once the green flag was waived it was all business from that point forward. The 2013 General Tire Mint 400 course was designed in a way that wasn’t going to be easy for race competitors let alone the limited class vehicles, racers didn’t want a bladed course and an unbladed course is what they got.

It was a nail-biting race all day long for the 1100 class; the trio of Ronny Wilson, Bryan Folks and Ali Banning battled back and forth until the single seat Jimco of Ronny Wilson, Brad Wilson and Sammy Ehernberg took the lead and never looked back. Earning themselves an Oakley Timepiece for setting the fastest lap, Wilson and crew finished first over-all with a winning time of 5:38:09 beating Bryan Folks by one minute and forty-four seconds.

Another stacked field among the early morning starters was that of the class 2000 buggies. It was a tight race all morning long and nobody really had a straight answer of who they think would cross the finish line first; Hank Winter or the 2012 Mint 400 champ Bob Mathews. Winter and Mathews would battle back and forth on the course and on corrected time during the entire duration of their three-lap event. When the dust settled it was the reigning class 2000 Mint 400 champion Bob Mathews who would cross the finish line in the first place position. This makes it Mint 400 win number two for the 51 year old Bob Mathews who drove the entire race by himself in his single seat class 2000 race car.

The 2013 General Tire Mint 400 was a monumental event in off-road racing history and for those who finished this year’s Mint 400; consider it a victory and an accomplishment that very few have ever been able to complete.

Words by Adam “Gunnsligner” Gunn
Photos by Jason Zindroski

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