Win a Set of Vision X LED Light Cannons –

Win a Set of Vision X LED Light Cannons

Black Friday deals aren’t the only thing going on after Thanksgiving.  Two months ago, Vision X launched a new campaign with T.J. Flores to showcase their 6.7″ LED Light Cannon Series.  As part of the push, Vision X is giving away a kit of two 6.7″ LED Light Cannons for free on their Facebook page. All you need to do is share the post pinned to the top of their page and tell them why you want them or show them what you’d put them on! One random winner will be chosen from the comments on the photo. Head to their Facebook page for more information.

Off-Road Champion TJ Flores Romps his 850 HP Trophy Truck through Nevada Desert just outside Las Vegas,NV. TJ’s Trophy Truck, chase truck, and his daily driver all feature the ultra powerful Vision X Lighting – 6.7” Cannons.

The off-road market has very unique needs. Rugged, reliable and powerful are the three basic elements every design must encompass. The Light Cannon Series of high-powered LED lights was designed and built on these very platforms. Flexibility has never been part of the recipe until now. The Light Cannon Series has a full series of optional clip on lenses to dial in the beam pattern to your specific needs. These filters can change the light distributions pattern as well as the color. The Light Cannon LED Series is available in 90 Watt 8.7″, 50 Watt 6.7″ and 25 watt 4.5″. T.J. Flores runs the 50 watt 6.7″ but the big brother 90 watt 8.7″ Light Cannon LED is the king of all Single Source LED Lights.

More light. More Vision. Vision X lighting. Put the light where you want.

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