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WOR Prescott Valley Race

On the weekend of March 13th Whiplash Offroad Racing Invaded the Prescott Valley fairgrounds. The fairgrounds would be a substitute location from Holbrook due to circumstances out of whiplash’s control. The track was a 1.75 mile track with long straights deep whoops, shallow whoops, tight turns and plenty of high flying jumps. Both the races from Saturday and Sunday were combined for an overall weekend. The weather was sunny and in the sixties for the weekend which made for some great racing.

First in the trophy kart novice class Kate Radavich was on fire sweeping the competition and so was William “Tyler” Avelar in the trophy kart amateur class. Next was the UTV race with many entering and few surviving Brandon Sims would dominate the pro UTV unlimited class in his R1 rhino flying around the course. Josh Hounslow would win the sport mod utv in his rhino doing twenty two laps in the forty five minute timed event. Last but definitely not least is the truck and buggy classes which brought plenty of close calls and excitement throughout the weekend. First overall and in class 1 was Cameron Bishop flying around the course as fast as the car would go. The Northern Arizona native of Corey Mendoza would win second overall and first in 1450 pushing his truck to the limits the whole race. Third overall and first in class 8 would be the father son team of Harley and Ed White, they would prove that their old class eight truck could keep up with the faster cars. In sport limited 12 year old Brandon Birmingham would win, don’t let his age fool you he can drive a racecar. Luke Lang would push his class 12 car to a victory in sport unlimited bouncing around the course like a pinball he won his class.

That would conclude a great weekend of racing in Prescott. The next whiplash race is going to be a short course race at the firebird course which is known to take out the competitors, the fastest racers don’t always win and this track proves it.