World Championships Return To The Big House

Crandon celebrated 49 years over Labor Day weekend with the World Championships. Several racers from the west coast made the trek to the Crandon International Raceway also known as the “Big House” to do battle on the track with Midwest short-course drivers.

The day’s events kicked off with an East versus West showdown. The Midwest drivers dominated the track grabbing all three spots on the podium. CJ Greaves took first, hometown hero Keegan Kincaid 2ndand Chad Hord 3rd.

In the Pro-4 World Championship race, Bryce Menzies was out front. Menzies swept the weekend in 2017, so his confidence level was riding high. Kyle Leduc was right behind Menzies in 2nd place. CJ Greaves took 3rd.

Trey Gibbs got his first ever Championship Pro buggy win at Crandon. Gibbs is a rookie to the buggy class after successful seasons racing modified karts. Michael Meister and Mark Steinhardt also joined Gibbs on the podium.

The west coast driver wins continued in the Pro-Lite World Championship. Brock Heger held off Kyle Kleiman for the win. Kleiman won the series championship in 2017 and has seen success at Crandon. Cory Winner also from the west coast rounded out the podium with a 3rd place finish.

The most anticipated race of the day was the legendary Amsoil Cup. The gloves come off during this race and it is an all out battle! Kyle Leduc’s hopes for regaining the Cup would end just as the race started. Leduc broke a front U joint just after the famous turn one leaving him on the sidelines. As the laps ticked away, things began to heat up. Broken trucks were scattered all around the track. CJ Greaves would rocket to the front with his dad Johnny Greaves right behind. The crowd was on their feet as CJ came screaming through the finish line to take his 3rd career Amsoil Cup win at Crandon International Raceway. Johnny Greaves a close 2nd hugged and congratulated his son as track president Cliff Flannery presented CJ with a $49,000 check and the Crandon shotgun. RJ Anderson was there to celebrate as well with a 3rd place finish.

2018 Crandon World Championships Race Results:

9th Annual Amsoil Cup Challenge

1st – CJ Greaves

2nd – Johnny Greaves

3rd – RJ Anderson


Crandon East Vs. West PRO 2 World Championship

1st – CJ Greaves

2nd – Keegan Kincard

3rd – Chad Hord


Crandon PRO 4 World Championship

1st – Bryce Menzies

2nd – Kyle Leduc

3rd – CJ Greaves


Crandon Fox Racing Shox Pro Lite World Championship

1st – Brock Heger

2nd – Kyle Kleimen

3rd – Cory Winner


Crandon STEEL-IT Pro Buggy World Championship

1st – Trey Gibbs

2nd – Michael Meister

3rd – Mark Steinhardt


Crandon STEEL-IT Pro Buggy World Championship

1st – Trey Gibbs

2nd – Michael Meister

3rd – Mark Steinhardt


Crandon Ultra4 World Championship

1st – Jason Scherer

2nd – Loren Healy

3rd – Casey Currie


Crandon Walker Evans Racing PRO Stock UTV World Championship

1st – CJ Greaves

2nd – Myles Cheek

3rd – Jeremy Houle


Crandon Vision Wheel PRO Mod UTV World Championship

1st – Tyler Livingston

2nd – Tim Farr

3rd – Jimmy Henderson


Crandon PRO Rugged Radio Mod Kart World Championship

1st – Mason Prater

2nd – Ricky Gutierrez

3rd – Bronsen Chiaramonte