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    Polaris continues to invest in the future of off-roading! Polaris Industries & The Legendary Glamis Beach Store UTVUnderground Explores The Facts Behind The Purchase, by Joey “Joey D.” DiGiovanni // Since 2014, rumors have swirled around the sale and purchase of the...
  2. baja619

    CA Bill to Extend Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Program to be Considered

    Earlier this month I posted a notice to contact law makers about S.B. 249 California Bill to Undermine Off-Highway Vehicles Program to be Considered Will now there is a new bill being proposed A.B. 1077. I am no expert or a lawyer but I am not sure how I feel about extending the CA OHV...
  3. baja619

    California Bill to Undermine Off-Highway Vehicles Program to be Considered

    The Sacramento Fat Cats are out it again. Year after year these crooks do everything they can to raid our OHV funds and attempt to divert the cash to fund their failing programs. SEMA Action Network sent out a blast today notifying of the proposed Legislation; S.B. 249 SEMA Action Network...
  4. JoeyRocket Films

    Camp RZR Glamis video recap

    Damn I had a blast out there this year. Major props to Polaris for putting on one hell of a show!
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    Fabrication school?

    Hi, my names Tyler i am 18 years old about to graduate high school and am really interested in fabrication in the off road industry as well as fabrication on cars in general. I have been riding since i was 3 and have been in the off-road atmosphere majority of my life. I was looking into fab...
  6. M

    2015 Glamis Camp RZR XP1K3 T-Shirt Giveaway!

    The CAMP RZR XP1K3 T-Shirt Giveaway! 1. Snap a shot of the XP1K3 premier (On Screen) 2. Post to your social media: - FACEBOOK / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM 3. Tag: #XP1K3 / #POLARISRZR / #BFGOODRICH / #MONSTERENERGY / #UTVUNDERGROUND 4. Then, come to the UTVUNDERGROUND merch trailer and...