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2020 San Felipe Baja 500 Food Drive
September 11th – 27th
Attention RACERS and RACE FANS!

We can’t wait to see you all for the upcoming BAJA 500 in a couple of weeks!
While your making your plans to come to San Felipe to participate and enjoy the race, we are asking for your help.
Due to the Pandemic, some of the local people in our little town are really struggling! Fishing has been limited, bars and restaurants are just now opening, races have been cancelled. All this has really caused so many people to be unable to work and feed their families.
As guest residents in the community, we have been having donations and food...
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In addition to food items and Paper supplies I also have 650kg's of Malted barley and some hop's for the San Felipe Brewery, Wondering if anyone has room in their truck to make the delivery.

Lance Jergensen