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Kreisler Raceco's-where r they now?


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single seater the original one they raced. Soon as my new car is done, the raceco is next.


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I have no idea where my 10 car ended up but I'm curious. Bought it from a the original owner as a tandem 2 seat a-arm in 91. He claimed to be a former Raceco employee. I chopped it down to a single seat and raced it 3 years. I sold it into SD then saw it 1 time again at a FUD race probably 95. David said they built it in 88.


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I bought Bill Church's Class 10 RaceCo with a buddy back then, later sold it to George Erl (Up-Tite Husqvarna) after we learned running into boulders and walls made it too expensive for us.

Sweet ride. Wish I never sold it.

The Church's won Baja 1000 in Class 10 in 1987, not 100% positive but I think it was the very same RaceCo.
I did a body re-do on one of the Church Raceco's during my time at UMP, back in the day with Larry & Donnie
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Raceco (2).jpg

Rick Paquette / Mickey Thompson / David Kreisler
Alpine stereo Raceco

1984 Parker 400
3rd place class 2


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Garett Wallace had a two seat race-co class 1 car in running condition back around the 2005 mark. Not sure what happened to him or the car!


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One of the guys on our team saw this car over the weekend here in Colorado!! He was totally stoked to see this piece of history!



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The other side of the Coca Cola car said "Dangerous Dyson" I worked at RACECO in the 80s, pretty sure the first race for the car was the Parker 400 the year it snowed. I remember my bother and I swapping the beam out after Goodwin crashed it on the California side.


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This is the Raceco I sold him about 13 years ago?
That's a very clean Raceco right there! Something like that would be PERFECT for NORRA. Even though it has the upgraded rear suspension, it is pretty close to period correct. Someone should see if this racer is still available.


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Rick that's a clean car, who's was it originally? One of your old prerunners?

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This is the Raceco I sold him about 13 years ago?
That's the car. He had painted the body White. Chasis was still blue. Would really love to know where Garett and that car is!!!??? I was young at the time. But I remember running around barstow in it with my dad at a race we were helping Garett at. Pure fun!

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This is the Raceco I sold him about 13 years ago?
I drove the Wallace Raceco pre running many times, was a very fun car to drive. The name escapes me but the original owner of the car that became the candy cane car I believe had a heart attack in the car possibly and passed away. I remember him really being up in years but ran competitively in class 2 and raced everywhere both Score series and HDRA and then some. Walter Prince then bought it for next to nothing, I am sure less than 8 grand because the car was advertised for a while at 11 then dropped to 9 and still didnt sell. A 100 percent complete class 2 Race-co. It was always in Dusty times and off road advertiser for sale. I am sure I have some of those in the rafters with it forsale. Walter Prince bought it for a penny on the dollar and made it the candy cane car which made everyone scratch there heads in wonder. Walter was classic