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Spencer Low Sr. Race in peace


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I wish I wasn't adding to this section. Just heard Spencer Low Sr. Passed. Condolences to his family and friends. Pic of Spencer, Jerry McDonald, Willy Valdez and John Swift at 2017 NORRA. all my heroes of 7s from the 80's and 90's.

Total Loss

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Heavy heart.
He built the front end on my first truck at Low Manufacturing.
An innovator in the early days.

RIP Spencer.

Bryan Racing

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Thoughts and prayers to the family.Met Spencer in the mid 70's when he was building the Low mfg 4x4 trucks.We had fun competing against each other in 78 in my jeep day's,then again in 7 s in the early 80's.Good all around guy.Race in Peace Spencer.


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I did a 30ish minute interview with Spencer Low back in 2012 at the Parker 425. It was actually one of the first interviews I ever did. Audio quality is a little rough, and my interview skills were not perfected yet, but Spencer's content talking about his career and his love of off-road were great. Worth the listen if you were a fan of his or that era of off-road racing.

Spencer Low Radio Interview from 2012 - The Down & Dirty Radio Show


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Bought a Low Datsun 4x4 in '82 and had Spencer do some work at his shop, nice guy. I went to one of my first car races in Barstow shortly afterward and bumped into him, he acted like we were old friends and came over to see what I had done since he last saw the truck.

Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.