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Stolen BFG Rally tires


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To all,

I had a large lot of BFG gravel rally tires stolen today 1/27/12 from my house in Murrieta CA.

The size stolen was 195/15 in gravel spec. Rare is an understatement with these rally tires. They will pop up due to their limited production.

Their were brand new.

Please PM me with any info you find online. I will offer a reward to the person who helps me catch this thief.



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Wow, sorry to here this.

I doubt these tires will be found on a competitors rally-car. They will probably be found on Craigslist or at a automotive performance shop frequented by young persons. Young persons will be less likely to inquire on the origin of a good deal.

I hope BFG supplied you with a list of S/N: you can use in your search.

Can you post a pic of the tread pattern, see this may make them easier to spot for those unfamiliar with these tires.


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I have been looking on craigslist and ebay. They are so rare it will be hard to sell them without someone knowing.

Cannot wait to meet the seller!


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THey have no Idea what they got, those are some cool looking patterns too. Are they directional so there are rights and lefts?
Thief's need too have their hands cut off, might slow their stealing,


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yep, directional. Don't know if they stole a R/L set.

Mark Newhan

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Sorry to hear. I got jacked at Laughlin RATR for a bunch of pit stuff. I hope you get to meet them. The fu€king wheasel will say he got them from someone else and the police won't be able to do anything.

Good luck. We all all keep our eyes pealed


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I hear that. Im 6'7" 265 (down from 398 in 2010 OH BOY!!) and smell like a chainsaw most days, so I am very happy to buy them back at a 5/5 discount in a dark alley.

Thieves are really the worse. People that steal inanimate objects with little protection have no stones. If someone tried to car jack me, after taking care of business with them, a week later I would think in my head he had huge stones just for doing it. That takes real balls, not rolling out tires from my garage while Im at work! Total GINA!!!!

At least a baby can scream when you steal it's candy!

$$$ to ADT yesterday to secure the one garage without an alarm. The whole thing sucks.


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Over 18 months and they have been found.

Thanks to RDC. Ryan Schank sent the link.

Okay, here is the sad ish about the whole deal.....

Frontier justice does not work with where I am at in life these days, so I met the guy in Perris, showed him all the info and posts from last year and he really had no answers. I threatened the cops and he took off! Why are you scared buddy!

This guy in his 30's saying he got the tires from a friend that owed him money, yet could not remember his friends name.

LSS, I am still out. The guy has the exact tires in the same quantity that are no longer produced by BFG 15 miles from my house. (Murrieta/Perris)