10 Questions with McMillin Racing

McMillin Racing

After clinching the points championship for the Trick Truck division in Best In The Desert, we had a chance to sit down and talk with the power team of Andy and Scott McMillin, and their codrivers Todd Tenbroek and Brady Thompson. We asked them about their great 2009 season, what to look forward to for next year, and when they’ll let me drive the Trophy Truck.

Jason Zindroski – After winning 5 desert races this year, and a BITD Points Championship, what are the teams goals looking into the 2010 season and beyond?

Scott McMillin – When we started out the year 2009 we set a goal of winning the BITD championship in 2009 and Score in 2010.
Brady Thompson – To win the three Mexico races and get the Score Points Championship. Beyond 2010 I think before this years 1000 Scott said he wanted to win 5 Baja 1000 in the next ten years. Well one down and 4 to go!
Todd Tenbroek – 3 wins and the championship in Score.
Andy McMillin – Our goals are to win a SCORE Championship and try to win every race that we can. You can’t take winning for granted, so we are hoping to just keep up our momentum and keep doing what we’ve been doing throughout all of 2009.

JZ – When people hear the name McMillin Racing, what is the first thing you want them to think?

AM – Family and passion. Racing for us is about spending time with our family and friends, and I don’t think we consider racing a hobby; we consider it a passion.
BT – I would want people to think, damn we are going to have to beat the McMillins to win this one.
SM – Professional, competitive, family, winning team.
TT – That they are going to have to deal with us if they a planning on racing for a win.

JZ – Who’s faster at changing a tire, Todd or Brady?

SM – Jessica!
TT – Brady, but I’m better looking.
AM – They are both pretty fast. We don’t have any air bottles on the truck, so Todd and Brady really have to be on their game when changing flats, and they both do an outstanding job.
BT – Trick question. I would say Jessica McMillin was the fastest this year. Todd did not have to change a tire this year and the only one I had to do was on the last day of V2R and let’s just say it was not one of my better tire changes. Jessica and Scott had to do two on day two and I’m pretty sure that my one took longer than there two hahaha.

JZ – What is your favorite racing moment up to this point?

SM – Driving and Winning with my Dad, then getting to do it with my son.
AM – Winning the Baja 1000 this year with my dad and our TEAM. I won it in 2006 with Robby, and that was pretty special to win the most famous race with my hero, but to win it with my dad is something I will never forget. This was my dad’s 1st Overall Baja 1000 victory, and I’m really glad that I got to share that special moment with him.
TT – Winning the Baja 1000 this year overall. Perfect plan, perfect team execution, perfect driving, perfect truck, you just couldn’t ask for a better day. And to have that at the 1000 is what anyone that races off-road dreams of.
BT – My favorite race moment up until now has to be winning the Baja 1000 this year. I have watched off-road racing and wanted to b e a part of it since I was a little kid. I used to dream about wining the Baja 1000 and getting up on the roof to celebrate. Now thanks to the McMillin family the guys at the shop and all the volunteers it’s a reality today. You know the guys at the shop are the ones that should get a lot of the credit. Greg, Beau, Hector, and Willie are the ones who prep the TT and get everything ready to go to the race.

JZ – If you had to be involved in another form of racing besides off-road what would it be and why?

TT – World Rally. I’ve always been interested in racing a vehicle as fast as you can over all types of terrain.
BT – World Rally Championship. Those guys are on the edge at all times and the teams are all top notch.
AM – Road racing. I went to Bob Bondurant’s Advanced Road Racing School and I loved every single minute of it. I drove the wheels (literally) off a Mustang Cobra and it was one of the most fun times I’ve ever had driving a car. My dad would be in front of me or behind me, and we were racing nose to tail for about 10 laps. I like road racing because you’re not just driving in a circle or only making left hand turns, every corner is different, and it takes serious skill to master a road racing course.
SM – Good question. I would look for what off-road offers. Camping with family and friends; endurance.

JZ – What are some of your pre-game rituals before you get in the truck before a race?

BT – I cant believe I’m going to say this but the night before the race i like to talk to the truck a little like Harry in Days of Thunder lol. Other than that ill say a prayer race morning and once more right before I get in the Truck.
SM – Everyday is a new day. Take nothing for granted.
TT – Get a good stretch in.
AM – I always say a Prayer with “Chappy”. I’m usually pretty calm, and I always tell my co-rider “let’s go have some fun”. Because if you’re not having fun, then you shouldn’t be racing.

JZ – Who do you think are the top 5 fastest drivers in off-road?

SM – Rosseler, Herbst, BJ Baldwin, Andy McMillin, Robby Gordon
TT – Andy McMillin , Rob Mac , Robby Gordon , Larry Roeseller and Chuck Hovey
AM – Too many to list. In this day in age, most TT’s and Class 1’s can have a perfect day and win on any given day. Most of the time, one flat tire and you’re out of it. All the best drivers in our sport get flats, so it’s whoever can put together a really good run and stay trouble free.
BT – Of course i would have to say Andy and Scott McMillin are in the top five but five guys that are on the same level I’d have to say, Rob Mac, Larry Roseler, BJ Baldwin, Jerry Whechel and Robby Gordon. If you give any one of these guys a good Truck, good support Team and a little luck they could all end up with the win.

JZ – In the past 5 years, what do you think has been the most important advancement in technology to help the vehicles go faster?

BT – There are lots of things that have helped in the last five years to make the vehicles go faster. I would say the overall design of the race cars has improved a lot along with shock technologies and drive train technologies.
SM – The motor / tranny package.
TT – Shocks
AM – 39 inch tall tires. I have heard through the grape vine that soon there will be a 42 inch tall tire, and the bar will be set once again.

JZ – Who are some people who you look up to in your life?

TT – Rick Tenbroek , John Marking , Scott McMillin
AM – My dad, Lance Armstrong
SM – My Dad. My wife. My daughter and My sons.
BT – Of course I look up to both of my parents in a big way. Corky McMillin, Steve McQueen, Ivan Stewart, Walker Evens and Parneli Jones are a few of the old school racers i look up to.

JZ – When can I drive the Trophy Truck?

BT – I wish it was up to me Jason. I would say right after they let Todd and I drive it haha lol
TT – I want to know the answer to that for myself!
AM – Haha, good try buddy!
SM – When you buy one.
JZ – Thanks for crushing my dreams.