2014 SNORE Battle At Primm provides carnage and horsepower for fans

This years SNORE Battle At Primm did not have a lack of entries or a lack of entertainment for that matter. Reaching almost 300 entries for the 2-day race would stretch the pits over a ½-mile long with teams from numerous states, all there for one reason, a win.  Due to the timing machine being stolen on Friday, SNORE is doing all timing and results by hand and the official results will be posted shortly.


The weekends events started on Friday morning where a handful of classes qualified on a portion of the race course and it would be Kyle Conlon who qualified first in the Unlimited truck. Justin “Bean” Smith took the poll position in the 1600 class and Cody Freeman in the 10 class. After qualifying, the line for tech immediately weaved through the Buffalo Bills parking lot where teams sized up the competition, new and old.

Both race days played out with warm weather, but the lack of wind would make it difficult for drivers to run a fast steady pace. Water trucks would soak the course to keep dust at a minimum but parts of the course still whipped up clouds of dust that would hang in the air. In the 1600 class, Justin Smith lead for two turns when he then rolled on his side and was passed by numerous competitors. Curt Geer took over the lead and ran it all the way to the finish. Bryan Freeman was far out front in Sundays 1600 race luck would not be on his side and a wreck would stop him from finishing the race. Geer would benefit from this and take the overall win. Smith had a solid comeback on Sunday, passing four 1600 cars and finished the race 2nd in time for Sunday and 3rd for the weekend.


Saturdays heat 3 race was one that would leave fans and drivers puzzled as officials would throw the red flag 3 laps in. A major crash took place and due to the severity, officials made the quick call on pulling the racers off the course. Leaders, Cody Freeman, Justin Davis and Geoff Cooley were running a clean and fast race in class 10 when crew members gave warning to pull off the course and head back to their pit. With the accident in the middle of the course, it was decided that it would be best to get all race vehicles off the course for the safety reasons. 1 additional lap would be added to Sundays race and when that race took place it would be Cody Freeman that would pull away quickly pushing hard and finishing the 6 lap race in 1st. Cooley and Davis would round out the podium.


Unlimited Trucks staged for their race and when the course was clear, the green flagged waved and the 800 horsepower trucks were off the line. The #5 Method Race Wheels Unlimited Truck of Kyle Conlon screamed down the straightaway with Brandon Arthur in the # 56 Pro Traffic Services UT just at the edge of his dust. The final laps were approaching when Conlon was struck with a truck malfunction and pulled out of the race. This left Arthur and Davis to fight for the lead. A Clean pass by Davis put him out front with a great finish for Saturdays race. It would be Sundays race however that would change up the running order in a major way. Davis in the #85 Green Army UT had a race winning lead on the competitors when a class 1 barrel rolled down a long stretch of road. Officials rushed to the scene and with the race still running, yellow flags would fly to warn drivers to slow down and pass with caution. As the crew got the car out of the way of danger, Conlon was making his way towards the front of the race. As Conlon was doing this, SNORE officials would stop Davis and hold him for 10 minutes for not slowing down when passing the wrecked vehicle and officials on the course. This would give Conlon an open window to take over Sundays race win. Once Davis was back on course, he attempted to make the time up but it wouldn’t give him back the days win.


It is no doubt the 1450 class is the one that has the fans on their feet at the infamous dyke jump as they peer out onto the race course looking for any sort of action. This class provided plenty of it. From trucks going up in flames, to going end over end rolling or leaping off of the dyke jump and sailing over 150’. Jonathan Libby in the 1450 class would set the weekends record at 170’.


These trucks are the trucks that your next-door neighbor can build in his garage. They are what the extreme off-road racer will build and prep on a budget so that he/she can come be a racer for a weekend and put on a show for their family and friends, all while racing against over 50 other people in their class who are going for the same thing. A win in this class shows that your truck can last through the beat up terrain and you belong behind that wheel. Saturdays race took out its fair share of racers, but Sunday was the proving day. A course that had gone through the ringer after every other class had raced, left a rough, rocky, whooped out course for the final race of the day. Brett Jenkins out of Temecula, CA took Saturdays win and with SNORE officials still calculating results by hand, it will be a few more days before we can expect any final results for overall winners.


As the drivers and crews access the damage from the weekend, they will now prepare for the next race in the series, SNORE/MORE Ridgecrest 300. With just over a month to get the race cars and trucks ready, it will come down to the wave of the green flag to see who can make it in time.


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    Tom High
  • February 25, 2014
For the record I did stop Davis but then gave him his time back and gave him only 2 min penalty only for not slowing down at the accident!
It was heat 4 with the red flag
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    ERIC W.
  • March 1, 2014
No pics of the 104 car?
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  • March 19, 2014
Where is car 596?