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The 2017 off-road season was a crazy one with races one after another and I am grateful to be able to travel to so many cool places covering our great sport. I’ve put together some of my favorite photos from this year so I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them. Also be sure to check out Ernesto’s favorite photos from last year as well.

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That feeling you get when you think you’re safe across a big washout but then a Class 8 truck comes through the silt and climbs the 6′ embankment.

Silt shower anyone?

Sometimes we are just lurking in the shadows.

This years Baja 1000 contingency was spilt up in tow days but the fans still came out in full force both days.

People always complain before The Mint 400 that the course isn’t rough like the old course….

BJ Baldwin is blasting through the silt  trying to catch the leaders at night at last years Mint 400.

Mr. Harley Letner is a gift from god to photographers.

At last years BITD Vegas To Reno race I was lucking enough to have an epic sunset with beautiful cloud cover so tried to incorporate it into the photos.

Silt is my absolute favorite thing to shoot and this year I was able to find plenty.

Curt Leduc was charging hard during qualifying for Vegas To Reno where track position is important.

I was excited when BITD announced they would be coming back to Pahrump two years ago, its always a fun race to shoot.

Lean with it!

Last years BITD Parker 425 was the first race for BITD without their fearless leader Casey Folks who passed away only weeks before.  One of the volunteer checkpoints put up a tribute to Casey so I had to shoot it.

My goal last year was to try new angles.  I’ve shot this spot in Parker for years but just by changing the angle it looks like a completely new spot.

The good ol whoops at the bottom of the sand hill.

When you’re in the desert all day shooting you’re tired but if you push through and wait for that sunset you always get rewarded.

Sometimes you get your best photos at qualifying because the racers are charging so hard.

The beauty of Baja…

Casey Currie put on a nice show during qualifying for the SCORE Baja 500.

Mr. Robby Gordon flying as usual.

Sometimes its just not your day.

This years Baja 500 I was really lucky to come away with some cool stuff, including finding a section that had a nice water crossing during the race.

When you don’t have a drone you hike up the side of a mountain.

Thank you Alan Ampudia for the nice shower, it was getting a little hot waiting for the leaders to come by.

The legendary Goat Trail in Baja.


This is one of my favorite photos of the year because of a few things. The timing was right that the sun peaked through the window right when the car was stood up, the background of the image is beautiful with all of Hammertown in view, the car did a nice wheelie for me (not on purpose), and all that came together after hiking up a mountain for miles to get to one of the highest points on the course.

The type of terrain these Ultra 4 cars can go through is incredible if you’ve never seen it in person.

HammerTown USA

Some scenes look as if they are on the surface of the moon.

Your last years King and multiple time winner Shannon Campbell.  When you think of Ultra 4 racing Shannon has always been the face of it.

6′ ledge?  No problem.

Trophy Truck motors, but not always Trophy Truck suspension.

While the winners will finish in daylight, some competitors will race into the night.

One of the unique things that makes King of the Hammers so challenging is the combination of desert racing with rock crawling.

This will give you an idea of how far I hiked up in the first photo as you can see the helicopter flying below me.


This year in Crandon we were able to do a photoshoot with Kyle Leduc and Patrick Clark next to an old barn out in the camp grounds.

I’m lucky enough to be able to get up in the scissor lifts at the LOORRS races which gives me a unique perspective during the races.

Was pretty cool to see Ryan Beat come out to Crandon and take home the win in Prolite in front of 30k+ people.

One interesting thing about short course is you get to see everyones line choices around the track so I had the idea to do a stitched photo of Leduc going around a turn.

Bryce Menzies came to Crandon and completely dominated all weekend winning the Pro 2, Pro 4 and the Amsoil Cup race.

The crowd at Crandon is really something special.

One section not seen by the fans in Crandon is the back stretch before they start the long straight away down turn one.

LOORRS made its debut at the new Wheatland track at the Lucas Oil Speedway and it delivered with some huge air.

…and also a big mogul section.

Its always exciting to see turn one at any short course race.

So this is why they use tear offs….

Had the privilege of going out with Kyle Leduc on the maiden voyage of his new Pro 4 named EVVO before the start of the 2017 season.

Again trying new angles this year at the same track to change things up.  In Reno this year we had a lot of dried bush on the surrounding hills so incorporated it into some shots.

Night race + Flames + Ray Griffith = Nice Photo

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