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Alan Pflueger’s C10

If you’ve been around offroad racing a bit you know the name Alan Pflueger. He’s spent his fair share of time behind the wheel of a few offroad race cars and has never been afraid to try something new. Even though it’s been awhile since the Flyin Hawaiian has raced he’s still a racer at heart and his new C10 built by Jake Velasco Race Prep out of El Cajon California is a thing of beauty.

This particular C10 is not without some history as it started life in the early 80’s as a class 8 campaigned by Chris Robinson.

Chris Robinson at the 83 Parker 400 – Photo: TracksidePhoto

Later it was sold to Walker Evans for Bill Howard, Chris Robinson was hired to rebuild it to Walker’s specs.

Bill Howard at the 1984 Mint 400 – Photo: TracksidePhoto

It was raced a few seasons with Howard and his grandson, then sold to Roger Gray were it was raced in VORRA. From there it changed hands to Mark Newhan and finally to Rory Ward.

We caught up with Alan for a few words while testing his new whip out in Plaster City CA.

RDC: Tell us how you ended up with this truck.

“So one one my oldest friends in offroad racing is Rory Ward, who many out there know from making those bitchen cartoon caricatures of your race vehicles and puts it on a t-shirt for you. So I got an email from him saying he had this truck for sale.” Said Pflueger. “So I looked at it and I thought, man that thing looks super cool! I got right back to him and said what’s the story on it? He said he’d found another project and needed to sell this one off. So we made a deal and we went from there.”


RDC: From there what happened? Because it’s quite different from what we’re looking at now.

“So, to be perfectly honest, I think this thing came out absolutely bitchin, but I feel kinda bad that we took a historic race truck and modified it so much. It would’ve been cool to do this kinda build on a vehicle that didn’t have that race history.” said Plfueger. “But it basically came down to calling Jake and the guys and sayin “Hey – NORRA sounds like fun, let’s get a cool truck and and make it go fast.” I said – “I don’t know anything about it, Scott Steinberger and the guys have told me its a lot of fun, make me something fun to drive!” said Pflueger laughingly. “So I think Jake and the guys thought about how I like to drive, what I’ve driven in the past and basically left it up to Jake and Big Mark and the guys to make this creation.”


“I have some old pictures of it and it had the old school walker stripes on it, I’m thinking I may add in some stripes to give some respect to that. I’m super excited. I’ve heard for the longest time that NORRA is bitchin and the driving is fun but the camaraderie is the best. And that’s kind where I’m at now, because I think back when I was racing I wasn’t really into being friends with other racers. I looked at it as they’re my competition and didn’t want to be friends. That was just how I operated. I think this whole experience will bring a different view, not be so serious and kinda hang out and have fun. It’s a rally!”


I really want to thank Alan for giving us the opportunity to do this project.” Said Jake of JVRP. “And everyone of you put their hands in and helped us make it possible. Without all these great people and companies this wouldn’t be the what it is. It was really cool to build out a dream rig like this.”

Chassis: Custom JVRP
Weight: 5100lbs race ready
Wheelbase: 121”
Engine: Chevy 470 LSX
HP: 700hp to crank, 535 to tires
Cooling: CBR
Exhaust: Magnaflow/RPM muffler
Plumbing: Brown and Miller BMRS
Transmission: RDE T400 / Tubeworks underdrive
Driveline: Driveline service San Diego
Brakes: Brembo
Fuel Cell: Harmon 85gal.
Tires: BFG 39’/ 37” for NORRA
Wheels: Method race wheels 103
Body: Custom / Fiberwerx
Front Suspension: TSCO racing
Front Travel: 26”
Rear Suspension: BMS/TSCO
Rear Travel: 30”
Rear Housing: Tubeworks
Shocks: Fox
Suspension Tuning: SDG
Steering: Howe
Paneling: Alloy Studios
Skid Plates: Carbon / Custom<
Electronics: Motec
Wiring: Tiedeman Race Harness
Lights: Baja Designs
Communication: PCI Race Radios
Seats: Sparco
Safety: Safecraft Halon system
Additional Features: Vintage Air A/C, Suede interior by Friendly Upholstery, Paint by Lil Michael Customs
Words & Photography by: Art Eugenio/GETSOMEphoto


Around circa 1992 when I first came to the US my first truck was a 1977 C10 Stepside. bright yellow with 33inch tires and a 2inch Rancho lift on it. 400cid/Th400 4wd. Then I learned about desert racing and wanted to build this.... I attempted...failed...learned a lot about automotive mechanics and eventually moved over to a Blazer. This brings back memories in a good way.


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My First time at a Baja race, Alan Phlueger won the Baja 500.....!!!!


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Nice. This is my 77 C10. Came from southern CA.

Someone put a 80s clip on it


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200mph rated wipers. Love it Jake!