F&L Racing Fuels Dominates Podium At King Of The Hammers Toyo Tires Desert Challenge

F&L Racing Fuels Dominates Podium At King Of The Hammers Toyo Tires Desert Challenge

Johnson Valley, CA

The 2021 King Of The Hammers (KOH) was a full and weeklong event comprised of off road racing’s latest and greatest. Challengers who dared to compete in the Toyo Tires Desert Invitational were subjected to a grueling course made of the harshest natural terrain features and at high speed. Racers powered by F&L Racing Fuels dominated the podium, with Ray Griffith winning B1 (Unlimited Buggy) and Wheeler Morgan taking the B2 vs B3 Grudge Match holding it down for the buggy racers.

The B2 vs B3 Grudge Match was designed and orchestrated to settle a score once and for all what platform would be the respected and faster class for future KOH events. B2 is the designated class for the standard Class 10 Buggies, while B3 represents the UTV Desert cars. For years it has been widely debated which class is faster and which division would start first. Race officials granted the wish and approved for the B3 cars to begin over the B2 cars. In an upset, the course favored the traditional buggy and B2 racers swept the podium for F&L Racing Fuels, taking the overall and beating out the UTV cars.

The B3 UTVs cars started first on the course, but Morgan put the argument to bed by beating the top B3 finisher by nearly 45 Minutes. Wheeler was awarded $60,000, the biggest purse ever in the history of the class.

“We were actually flawless today with no mechanical issues. We had one tire change scheduled at the end of lap three. We kept finding ourselves moving forward and had a lot of fun doing it. Thank you, F&L Racing Fuels, for your extraordinary service and the top of the line fuel that helped earn us the top spot.” – B2 #1024 Wheeler Morgan

Morgan finished 5 laps with a winning time of 6 Hours, 16 Minutes, and 9.627 Seconds to take the overall event win and the B2 Class victory. The #1085 of Jeremy & Justin Davis claimed 2nd a little over 4 minutes behind and the #1075 of Brent Fox placed 3rd on the podium. All the B2 podium finishers use F&L’s Performance E85. This specialty racing fuel is a high performance “Flex Fuel” that offers more power, is cooler burning, allows for better consistency and better fuel consumption.

“My brother (Jeremy) started the race. He qualified for us, was in a good position and I got in after the first lap. We had some downtime with having to take off the hood to adjust the battery. Overall we had a good battle, it was a great event and we’ll definitely come back. The course was very rough, but that is where we do great. It was a good time.” – B2 #1085 Justin Davis

“We had power steering issues and the course was rough. It was rougher than the Mint 400. I can’t even imagine what it will look like after all of this. We changed the rear tires as planned but suffered zero tire punctures. The car ran great and F&L Racing Fuels always provide top-quality fuel to let us go out and compete and perform at a high level. To race and finish on the podium, you have to use the best fuels available!” – B2 #1075 Brent Fox

#1012 Blaine Conrad, the 4th place B2 finisher, uses F&L Racing Fuel’s SP-101. Designed as an ethanol-free unleaded racing fuel, SP-101 exceeds performance engines’ demands like found on these high-performance desert buggies.

The main event later in the day featured the unlimited divisions. Ray Griffith in the #153 B1 finished the course in 6 Hours, 12 Minutes, and 12.834 Seconds taking the class victory.

“We kind of put all the one cars in our mirror and put our heads down on the trucks. So it was definitely a truck course, but it was cool. It was like running into retaining walls out there in the buggy. Super rocky and super square edges too. By far, I think one of the roughest courses I’ve raced on. We just did our job and went for the win! I only use F&L SP-1 and SP-3 and I used a little of both mixing up the F&L Jungle juice that gave me an extra HP to be on top!” – B2 #153 Ray Griffith

F&L’s SP-3 is an oxygenated leaded racing fuel with a fast burn formula designed for today’s sophisticated race engines. SP-3 has shown horsepower gains of up to 15% over the competition. Engine builders trust it in the most demanding of motorsports.

Founded in 1978, on the principles of Quality, Integrity and Performance, F&L Racing Fuel is committed to providing customers with the best performance racing fuel possible. With firm roots established in off-road racing, F&L Racing Fuel has been in the tanks of many winners of the SCORE’s Baja 1000 & Baja 500, BITD’s Vegas to Reno, Nevada 1000, Parker 425, and many more.

Photography By: Bink Designs

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