Goodbye 2016! RECORD Coast to Coast 250

What a year! We experienced some kind of ‘Dejavú’ this off-road racing season.  Jason Voss again wins the BITD Championship, Apdaly Lopez again wins the SCORE Championship, Rob Mac again wins the Baja 1000 win and Justin Lofton again wins The Mint 400 win.  However, in the season finale of the RECORD off-road series things did change quite a bit.


Last weekend, Armando Bravo won the 2016 RECORD Overall Points Championship in the Open Class with his 40+ minute win over Jay Culbertson, who finished 2nd in their Class.  Second overall at the Coast to Coast 250 was Angel Barajas in his Class 16 car.  Barajas managed to beat every other class, including Class 10, Class 12 and even Open Class with exception of Bravo. 5th place finisher Viry Felix earned enough points to take the Overall RECORD Points Championship in Class 16.


The Coast to Coast 250 might be one of the best races in Baja.  It features some of the most classic and legendary spots of Ensenada, Ojos Negros, Guadalupe Valley, San Matias and San Felipe.  The finish line is right below the arches in San Felipe and the 250-mile point-to-point racetrack is such a great course, RECORD holds two races each year on it.


Around 200 teams took the green flag.  Kiosko Racing lead by Marco Nuñez came out after a 6 year hiatus and won the race in the 5/1600 Class. For those who don’t know Kiosko Racing, they’re a team who won most everything under the Sal Fish era of SCORE and one of the most famous teams in the limited classes of Ensenada.


With this race and SNORE’s Rage at the River, we put an end to our 2016 off-road racing season. It’s now time to clean our cameras, spend time with our loved ones and wait for the 2017 racing season to hit it harder than ever!

See the complete results list HERE.

Photography by Gabriel Garcia