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Josh Daniel – “Sheila” Class 1

Owner: Josh Daniel / Danzio Performance
Chasis: Racer
Weight: Top Secret
Wheel Base: 126″
Track Width: 95″
Front Suspension: Double a-arm 24″ of travel, Fox Racing Shocks
Rear Suspension: IRS Trailing arm 24″ of travel, Fox Racing Shocks
Engine: DanZio Performance Engineering LS7 Chevrolet, 700 hp with Motec Advanced Logger and Display
Transmission: Wright Gear Box Albins 5 speed with torque converter
Fuel Cell: 44 Gallons
Ignition: Motec M400 with drive by wire and lambda control
Tires: 37″ BFGoodrich Projects
Wheels: KMC Race Wheels
Wiring: Danzio Performance
Seats: Mastercraft 3G
Brakes: Pro Am hubs, 6 piston calipers, 14″ double vented rotors
Communication: Palomar Communications
Navigation: Lowrance
Website: http://www.danzioracing.com
Extra: Fire Fox 10lb on board fire suppression, Crow Belts, Soltek HIDs from Baja Designs, PWR Coolers, 130+ MPH Top Speed
  • D
  • April 14, 2011
Love the Full Potential Logo on the shock mounts....
  • M
  • April 27, 2011
Nice job dudes! All the accesories right placed, everything can be reached an plenty of space for work. The chasis is just amazing, built with love and proud, is just a shame that Racer is now out of business. And about the engine, man... superb! Albins gearbox, tuff!

Did you guys are using heat sensors in the shocks??? cool

Good luck!