LORENZracingDivision.com Official Website Release, October 2014


The new website is a culmination of 10 years worth of work by the LORENZ family that continues to peak in a partnership with KAWASAKI Team Green since 2013

“It was a childhood dream to be one of those guys that could produce a ROI large enough to capture the eyes of Kawasaki. I’m stoked to be a Team Green Rider; the same Team Green that Villipoto, McGrath, Emig, Stewart, Windham and Carmicheal started their careers out with.” -Sean Lorenz

LORENZmotorsports.com provides an in depth view of:

1) The LORENZ Racing Program that features the Kawasaki Teryx.

2) A short history of Kawasaki Team Green, including the official annual Magazine Publication and the Film “Grass Roots”

3) The largest gallery of Custom Kawasaki Vehicle Builds from around the World Wide Web.

4) LORENZstudio.com which has garnered spots in the glossy pages of Nation Magazines and features art from the lens’ of Suzy and Sean Lorenz.

5) LORENZindustries.com a Dodge/Cummins Suspension Company

Jump in, browse around, steal some ideas for your own Teryx, enjoy, and repeat. (The obligatory use of large words in a Press Release to make you sound like a Bad Ass: #Check Prolific use of worthless hashtags: #Check)

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