onX Offroad Maps

Most of us grew up with knowledge of legendary trail runs passed down to us, as well as driver and passenger doors packed full of paper maps. While nostalgic, those course maps, books, and maps became worn and tattered and were a pain to reference on the trail. Luckily trail navigation technology has advanced. There are a few off-road tools out there, but nothing is as easy to use as the onX Offroad App—and at only $30/year, or less than a tank of fuel, it’s worth checking out.

How Does it Work?

While onX Offroad is relatively new, about a year old, onXmaps Inc. has produced elite mapping tools for the last decade for the hunting community, making them the most trusted mapping app on the market. onX Offroad was designed specifically for off-roaders with the maps, trails, and details needed for those climbing dunes, bombing through whoops, crawling over slickrock, and everything in between.

The onX Offroad maps are customizable for each off-roader, which means users can filter trails by vehicle width, add Waypoints and photos, and Track and save their routes.

400,000+ Miles of Trails in One App

When you pay for the Offroad App you have access to trail and map data in all 50 states. After you filter your ride, zoom in and look for green trails. Green means they are open and ready to ride. Red trails are temporarily closed. If you see blue trails pop up on your map, definitely check those out. Blue trails are the Featured Trails with extra detailed information like descriptions, difficulty ratings, duration, history, photos and more. Most of these are found in CA, CO, AZ, and Moab, with more being added every week.

The maps can be viewed as detailed satellite imagery, topo or a hybrid. Depending on what you want to see, or where you are on your ride, they can be changed quickly with the tap of a button. Maps are also color-coded to show land boundaries such as private land, BLM and national parks.

onX Offroad just announced a few weeks ago that you can now import your own .gpx and .kml files into the App, which you can also access online. You can plan at home through the onX Web Map portal and then when you’re on the trail, all of your data syncs to your phone or tablet. One login is all you need across all devices.

Built by Off-Roaders, for Off-Roaders

The team over at onX Offroad isn’t holed up in some Silicon Valley office. They get out on rides and race dirt bikes, drive Jeeps and UTVs, and build overland vehicles. They know off-roading, which is why they wanted to build a product that met the needs of off-roaders. Next to your tool roll, jumper cables, and tow strap, the onX Offroad App is the most important item on your off-road checklist. You’re probably even reading this on the device you’d carry with you on every ride, the device that will now hold all of your off-roading maps and data with onX Offroad.

View the latest Featured Trails Here

onX Offroad HOW TO’s

  1. Save a map

Before you head out into the wilderness, make sure you save maps to your device. That way, you’ll have all the rich data without the worry of a map loading on your device. Get out there and roam without worrying where you are with saved maps for offline use.

  1. Select a ride and get trail info

Find the right trails. Select your vehicle type to find trails and roads that work for you. Find open routes and trails near you no matter where you live, what you drive or what season it is.

  1. Track your ride

Track distance traveled and time elapsed while leaving a clear path to follow back to camp or civilization—your call.

  1. Add waypoints

Find your way back to that favorite hot spring or remote cabin by dropping custom Waypoints as a reminder of what you found and where you found it.