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People’s Racing New Herbst Trophy Truck

You may have been seeing photos of a carbon fiber Herbst Trophy Truck with accents of gold cycling around social media. Well, that is People’s Racing all-new Herbst Smith Fabrication Trophy Truck, and they just took delivery of it. Needless to say, they were pretty excited to get out to the desert and start testing. So, they took delivery, and the next day they were in the dirt, and we were able to tag along with them as they began the first shakedown of their 1075 horsepower beast in Barstow.

Their off-road racing journey began just a few years ago when People’s Racing Owner Bernard Steimann purely just wanted to go racing – starting out with a Playtech 4 seater Prerunner Class 1 to try outracing in local series such as Southern Nevada Off-Road Enthusiasts or SNORE. From there, they realized they wanted to step up into a Trophy Truck, so they bought Householder’s old Blitzkrieg Motorsports truck.

As they were still getting their feet wet with racing the older truck seeing some success, the truck started to show its age and constantly needed to be updated. They decided to start fresh with a solid new platform. When searching for a new truck builder came the legendary Herbst Smith Fabrication – a truck builder that needs no introduction.

One of the biggest benefits of going with a builder like Herbst Smith is that when or if the truck needs new parts, People’s Racing won’t need to create something new; they can just call them and have the parts ready to go. This is just one of the many reasons for having a production-ready Trophy Truck that makes 1075HP.

People’s Racing commissioned the Trophy Truck build to have all options possible from Herbst Smith. Full carbon fiber body, top-of-the-line engine management powering a 1075 horsepower Joe Gibbs Engine.

An important component of this build is the design of the truck. Bernard wanted this truck to match the rest of the People’s Racing motif of black and gold. Nearly everything that could be anodized gold was, and since the body was already bare carbon, they left it bare but needed some artwork – they teamed up with tattoo artist Luke Wessman for the artwork. But they already had the artwork, Bernard’s Tattoos, and they transferred some of that art onto the truck. The creative decision is something that I am not sure has been done before, and the artwork really does accentuate the truck’s body lines. Overall it turned out to be a clever design.

People’s Racing is finding their new comfort in this new truck; with Bernard behind the wheel and Chris Kreidel sitting shotgun navigating, they are excited as to what the future holds for the team. They may be a new team, but they have the equipment necessary to compete at the top level. SNORE and MORE races will be the primary focus for the upcoming season, with a goal to tackle a few Best in the Desert races. Who knows, maybe we might even see them in Baja once they get comfortable in their truck. What we do know is that we are excited to see more people in our sport racing at the top level.

Chassis:  Herbst Smith Fab Gen 2.5
Weight:  Est 6100 lbs race ready
Engine:  Joe Gibbs Racing
Horsepower: 1075
Cooling: All CNR
Brakes:  Alcon
Lights: HC Hilites HID
Exhaust: Herbst/Borla
Transmission:  TH400
Tires:  BFG
Wheels:  Ultra Wheels – forged
Front Suspension: Herbst/King
Rear Suspension:  Herbst/King
Navigation:  Lowrance HDS 7+ HDS  12
Communication: PCI Race Radio, M-Sat, Intercom
Seats: Cobra Technology
Safety:  Fire suppression
Fuel cell:  Walker Industries/Fuel Safe