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Race a Jeep Wrangler: Jeepspeed Is Affordable Off-Road Racing

In case you haven’t noticed, Jeepspeed has been a thriving class which produces off-road champions such as Ray Griffith and Casey Currie. Structured as a start from stock class, Jeepspeed is the brainchild of off-road racing luminary Clive Skilton. After spending years racing multiple formats including drag racing, road racing and so on, Clive went off-roading at the legendary Dakar Rally. It was there he discovered the “Toyota Challenge” and spawned the idea for Jeepspeed here in the States.

“We had a long relationship with Jeep. First as a dealer, then as racers. I knew if I could give people an easy way to come race off-road on the Jeep platform it would work,” stated Skilton.

Jeepspeed | Parker 425

Jeepspeed | Parker 425Jeepspeed | Parker 425Jeepspeed | Parker 425

He was right and the Jeepspeed Class now thrives and is growing with twenty three entries at the Parker 425 and twenty four at the 2015 Mint 400.  This is a great entry point class with copious amounts of competition.

Rookie #1793 Garrett Allred won his first ever off-road race at The Parker 425, took 3rd at Mint and is now leading the Jeepspeed Challenge points.

Jeepspeed | Parker 425
The class is led by General Tire and is supported by a host of sponsors including KMC wheels, King Shocks, Currie Enterprises and many more.

New for Jeepspeed is the 3700, 3750 and 1700 respectively, which allow racers to move up from the limited 1500 class into vehicle with more suspension and horsepower.

Jeepspeed | Parker 425
Also new for Jeepspeed is the KMC Wheels Wrangler Trophy where any Jeep Wrangler in any class can battle for points at three races (The Mint 400, The Silver State 300 and The Parker 425).

The class has also been opened up to full size Dodge trucks via the new 3700 and 3750 Classes.

Jeepspeed Class Specifications
Class 1700 SpecificationsClass 3750 SpecificationsClass 3700 Specifications
Any 6 Cylinder JeepAny Jeep/Dodge SUV/truckAny Jeep/Dodge SUV/truck
250 C.I. MaxAny Jeep/Mopar 6 L max.Any make production eng.
Tire Max Diameter33″35″37″
Front Suspension Travel10″12″15″
Rear Suspension Travel12″14″Unlimited Travel
ShocksOne shock per wheel.  2.5 bypass or 3.0 smooth body.One shock per wheel.  3.0 bypass or 4.0 smooth body.Open
110.5″ max wb. (Grand Cherokee WK series 108.5″ +/- 2″)Stock WB if whole chassis is retained or 117″ max if back halfed. Rear leaf spring if over 117″.Stock WB if complete chassis is retained or 117″ if customized.

With over 1 million Jeeps sold last year, this class could prove to be a sleeping giant for off-road racing on the global scale.

For more series information, visit jeepspeed.com.
Want to buy or build a race vehicle?  Contact [email protected].
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Family friendly, go race a Jeep!

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  1. TYPO – New for Jeepspeed is the 1700 and 1750 Classes, which allow racers to move up from the limited 1500 class into vehicle with more suspension and horsepower.

    I think this should be 3700, 3750 and 1700 respectively.

    Sector 7 Racing – 1786

      1. I don’t know. We have heard that Mike was taking over the day to day, but haven’t seen Clive stepping down.

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