RPM Mufflers Richard Glaszczak Wins Class 10 And Finishes Second Overall At PCI Race Radios 300


RPM Mufflers Richard Glaszczak Wins Class 10 And Finishes Second Overall At PCI Race Radios 300

Lucerne Valley, CA

Richard Glaszczak drove a smart race at the SNORE / MORE PCI Race Radios 300 in Lucerne Valley, Ca. The combined race draws the fastest drivers from the SNORE and MORE race series’. The 76 mile long course had some rocky sections but was mostly sand and silt. During the first laps of the race, thick dust made it difficult to catch and pass vehicles ahead. Glaszczak drove creative lines in his RPM Muffler / Alumi Craft to stay out of the dust as much as possible. Glaszczak gave credit to his Radar Tires that gave him the confidence to seek out creative lines and the traction he needed in the sand and rocks. He finished the entire race with no tire failures.


Glaszczak is no stranger to running wide open; his Richard’s Performance Muffler, (RPM) is always packed with customers who want something special when it comes to their exhaust; RPM is known for top notch work. His bays are filled with race cars, show vehicles and high end exotics on a regular basis.


He also caters to a clientele that simply wants a well thought out system that will last a long time. He builds exhaust systems like he races. His Alumi Craft class 10 car is set up for performance and durability. Due to his busy work schedule, he only runs select races during the year but can always be found at the front, contending for the win.

Photography By: Mark Solms & JT Media


About Richard Glaszczak / RPM Muffler
Richard Glaszczak competes with their RPM Muffler, Radar Tires, Alumi Craft class 10 car in select offroad races in the United States and Mexico. With years of racing experience, and the same attention to detail that has made RPM Muffler the premiere performance custom exhaust & header shop in the San Diego area, the team is a top contender whenever and wherever they show up to race.

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