Stewarts RaceWorks – Luxury Raptor Prerunner –

Stewarts RaceWorks – Luxury Raptor Prerunner

For most people the ultimate car is a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or some other beautiful and super fast street car. But if you’re an off-roader your dream car is a trophy truck or pre-runner, and at the top of the pre-runner food chain is this super plush custom Stewart Racewerks pre-runner. Designed and hand built by Craig Stewart himself. This stunning pre-runner is basically a trophy truck with all the luxury amenities you could need for pre-running Baja. Drawing on his 25+ years of experience in off-road Craig has created this beautiful Raptor styled pre-runner. One of only three made in this style, this one was custom built for off-road prodigy Andy McMillin. We got to it just before Andy heads down to christen it on its maiden voyage into Baja.

Owner:McMillin Racing
Builder:Craig Stewart – Stewarts RaceWorks
Chassis:Stewart’s Raceworks built tube chassis
Wheel Base:135″
Track Width:89″
Front Suspension:Raceworks a-arm front suspension with 26” of travel. Fox 4.0 bypass and 3.0 coil over
Rear Suspension:Raceworks four link rear suspension with 31” of travel. Fox 4.0 bypass and 3.0 coil over
Engine:Kroyer Custom Built
Transmission:Kroyer built 4 speed transmission
Fuel Cell:70 Gallon Custom
Steering:Raceworks steering swing set with Lee Manufacturing steering box
Tires:BFGoodrich 39″ Projects
Interior:Custom by Friendly Upholstery
Seats:Cobra Technologies
Navigation:Dual 10” Lowrance
Rear End:Tubeworks rear housing with Gear Works Gearing
Extras:Power operated light bar adjustment,  3 fan radiator & 3 single fan oil coolers,  All parts 3D modeled and laser cut, Custom 2012 Ford Raptor fiberglass body

Photography by Vincent Knakal of Mad Media


  1. Who will build a true raptor prerunner (must start with oe raptor, must be powered by 6.2 v8, must retain 4wd, must retrain all electronics) Stupid Raptor XT never came about :(

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