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VDC-II: Vildosola’s PreRunner

Every so often budget and vision come together and create something that is just plain awesome. When the Vildósola’s decided to build a new pre-runner, they didn’t just go buy someone else’s idea of one. They built their own ultimate pre-runner.  Wrapped in carbon fiber with amazing attention to detail, the VDC-II is a perfect balance between function and aesthetics.


To beat Baja, you need to be armed to the teeth and as prepared as you can be. Which means you’re going to spend countless hours and days running and re-running the course making notes.

The new VDC-II (Vildosola-Dave-Clark-2) design is an improved version of their current VDC-I Trophy-Truck design.


The VDC-II chassis is wrapped in a stunning all carbon fiber body Ford Raptor sitting on 40″ Toyo Tires. The VDC-II  has 30″ of suspension travel back and 24″ in the front, making it a killer in performance and beauty.


The interior of the VDC-II integrates technology with function featuring 3-speed paddle shifters, Motec dashboard, Lowrance GPS with mobile-mount, A/C plus anti-fogging ventilation and Impact Carbon Shell Racing Seats.


The drivetrain starts with a 454ci Dougans Racing Engine with 760HP all handled by a Rancho Drivetrain transmission. According to builder Dave Clark, this truck is full of sensors to get data for their new Trophy truck that is currently being built.





  • B
    brad christopher
  • March 31, 2017
lovely bad ass pre runner looks like a trophy truck
  • N
    nick menudier
  • April 13, 2017
very well done. what a beautiful piece of rolling art, bravo!
  • J
    Jay Vreeland
  • November 22, 2017
I think there aren’t any more comments because they’re speechless. This has to be one of the finest examples of form and function without compromise ever. The details have details. Sic
Love the gps mount! CONGRATULATIONS GUS & RODRIGO FOR WINNING THE TOUGHEST BAJA 1000 EVER! TT Legends without a doubt. Awesome job & well deserved!